Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Word On The Street: Companies are hiring in Indiana!

I know this may sound crazy, like I'm not watch CNBC or reading the newspapers.

But, there are a number of people receiving offers from Indiana headquartered companies over the past two weeks.

I'm sure that there is still not enought corporate recruiting activity which is proportional to the number of people on the job market.  But, just within the small Fishers Employment Network Alliance, a church based employment support group serving a northeastern suburb of Indianapolis, there have been six (6) professionals out of an active group of thirty or so who have received offers in the past two weeks.

March will also be the first month since last December that our company reaches it's goal for new job offers extended.  April will probably be the second month of the year that we reach our placement goal (January being the other month).  New recruiting projects are tentative at best for recruiting firms.  Most companies are trying to shave costs by not using external executive recruiting firms or executive search services. 

But, here are my questions for those employers wanting to "cherry pick" from the sea of talent that is definitely out there right now - 

Candidates are desperate to beat their increased competition on the job market.  Is it smart to present an offer to a finalist candidate who "sticks out like a sore thumb" in comparison with other finalists?  In these tight economic times, are you willing to risk the high cost of turnover by not fully vetting each finalist before extending an offer?

Experienced executive recruiting and talent selection strategies can protect your company's investment in talent.  It always amazes me how a company will utilize a CFA to analyze then make financial decisions, but hire professional level talent using a process similar to identifying the best restaurant for Friday night dinner.

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