Wednesday, August 5, 2009

csgTalentQC: Mari Baker on "Building an Organization, Building a Team"

Mari Baker is a Stanford University graduate, former Trustee of the university, and a twenty year veteran of start-up entrepreneurship with companies like Intuit, Navigenics (CEO), and currently PlayFirst (CEO).

In her recent presentation to Stanford Business School students in the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders program, Mari comments that having surveyed CEOs, Stanford faculty, and using her own experience - hiring success is hiring 50% of people who will meet or exceed your expectations.

With Mari's experience and credentials, it's hard to believe that 50% success is acceptable.  Most people would think that with the major business start up successes that she has been a part of or led and those that the Stanford faculty would be aware of the percentage of hired high performers would be much, MUCH higher.

Searching for the right candidate can be very time consuming.  But, hiring the wrong person or a well-qualified person who just doesn't fit, can be a disaster.  Our csgSelectionQC focuses on helping entrepreneurs and managers in high growth organizations through an extensive talent selection process to dramatically reduce hiring mistakes and improve the quality of talent acquisition.

csgSelectionQC is a scalable product that can be talored to small or large organizations and started from a limited perspective to be expanded into a full executive search if necessary.

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