Thursday, August 6, 2009

Custom Recruiting Solutions: Sourcing Passive Candidates Can Eliminate Relocation Costs

Actively recruiting passive candidates can be very time consuming for a corporate recruiting staff and the last priority in a corporate recruiting strategy that is focused on filling open requisitions quickly and efficiently.  However, corporate HR departments can expand a local candidate pool to include passive candidate sourcing with a talent acquisition strategy that includes outsourcing of passive candidate identification through a custom recruiting services provider like Career Solutions Group.  

The cost of outsourcing recruiting services can have offsetting benefits, as well.  Two examples from past assignments come to mind.

Minnesota Rubber Company, a major manufacturer of elastomer-molded medical and automotive components, was in need of an experienced Tooling Engineer.  Without many major competitors in the immediate Minneapolis area, Minnesota Rubber’s HR department knew from experience that a qualified Tooling Engineer would likely have to be relocated from major elastomer molding competitors in Michigan, Indiana or Ohio.  Relocation costs would likely double the overall cost of the recruitment, including the executive recruiting fee.  After running trade journal and other ads, our custom recruiting of passive candidates identified a qualified (and interested) Tooling Engineer at nearbyHiawatha Rubber Company, working about 10 minutes from Minnesota Rubber’s location.  Interestingly, the VP of HR was initially upset that this individual had not answered the ad run for the Tooling Engineer.  But realizing the relocation savings among other advantages, Minnesota Rubber’s VP of HR was glad to pay only the recruiting services fee.

Similarly, ABB Drives&Motors, the New Berlin, Wisconsin US division headquarters for this multi-billion dollar electromechanical product company, was pleased to have a passive candidate, custom recruiting solution identify a qualified Product Manager living within driving distance of their facility.  This talent acquisition strategy also benefits passive candidates who may not be answering employment ads, but are eager to take the next step in their career when targeted as a passive candidate for a position they fit.  In this case, the placed candidate was quite pleased,“From our first telephone discussion and on you have shown the highest degree of dedication to your profession...Your concern for both employer and employee is evident...The hours that you worked into the evening assuring that all questions and issues were addressed directly got us to a smooth positive result. I am very thankful for the outstanding job you've done. Hopefully others will benefit as I have from your devotion to your business."
-J. Roberts

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