Thursday, August 6, 2009

INsourcing: Bringing Specialized Talent to Indiana - Clean Tech Power Generation

 Prior to Coal Gasification becoming a household term during the Presidential debates, Career Solutions Group developed a custom recruiting solution for a state-of-the-art facility processing raw coal into Syngas.  Our staff worked in a retained search agreement with joint venture partners Conoco Phillips E-Gas Gasification in Houston andWabash Valley Power in Indianapolis to develop a talent acquisition and selection strategy which included custom research of passive and active candidates, systematized interviewing practices, and a detailed selection process.  

This gasification facility had been build as a Department of Energy project and had unique, high tolerance processing technology.  The technical management team determined that the local labor market did not have the highly trained, advanced technology technicians needed to operate the facility's equipment.  Therefore, our talent recruitment and sourcing strategy required relocation of all candidates to Indiana.

Being unable to attract desireable highly trained technicians from across the US to Indiana and faced with a time-critical start up of the plant, our custom recruiting solution used unique research methodology to identify sources of passive candidates.  Our staff then target recruited over 200 highly skilled technicians who had completed the desired technical curriculum to be trained to run gasification process technology.  

From these 200+ potential candidates, our staff successfully recruited and referred 47 qualified candidates within a five month period.  After working with the technical management interviewing team to determine the desired finalist candidates, our staff took finalists through a detailed talent selection process focused on behavioral qualifications.  Eleven candidates were relocated, mostly from warmer climates like Florida, Georgia, and Southern California to Indiana.  More than two years after completion of this project ten of the eleven are still at the facility.
This cutting edge facility has since been converted from coal gasification to petroleum coke gasification which converts a waste product from the oil refining process into synthetic natural gas.  The plant is gaining international attention with this use of a waste product to generate energy.

Career Solutions Group's Permanent Placement Service is a project based, passive candidate recruitment system designed to recruit a high volume of passive candidates for multiple positions or target passive executive level candidates for single positions, using custom, targeted research and detailed three part finalist talent selection.

For more information on the gasification process read Wikipedia or the redefining clean energy information at theGasification Technologies Council.

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