Wednesday, August 26, 2009

csgTop Echelon Contract Staff for Administrative, Accounting, and Finance - Week of August 24th

The following candidates were identified through retained custom recruiting services search assignments with Indianapolis area companies.  All three candidates described below did go on interviews with our clients and although not selected for the positions that they interviewed for, we did receive very positive feedback about them.  References are available on two of the three (and can be easily checked on the third).  

Career Solutions Group, Inc. was founded in 1995 in Broad Ripple and moved to the Circle Tower in 2000.  We have provided custom recruiting solutions for national and local corporations ranging from development of competitive talent databases for medical devices to providing a Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution for nationwide expansions to retained executive level search and placement.  Increasingly, we are handling talent acquisition and selection engagements with Indiana headquartered companies that have 50 to 500 employees and a small or no HR staff.  With these clients, our SelectionQC process helps executive managment teams evaluate internal and external candidates equally to insure that the best fit for the organization is selected.  Contact us by phone (317) 466-9740, on the web or blog by clicking here, or email

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