Thursday, August 6, 2009

Green Jobs for Indianapolis?

The City of Indianapolis has created an Office of Sustainability and a citizen commission called the Green Commission which is working on a number of environment and sustainability initiatives.

Part of the City's efforts involve recruiting strategies for green jobs and clean tech jobs.  The future of Indiana employment opportunities in clean tech and green is still somewhat unclear.  Biofuel facilities have been constructed throughout the state over the past few years.  But, these operations are fairly low tech and do not require much in terms of a recruiting strategy or talent strategy.

However, the Green Commission's desire to promote LEED certification in construction could bring back parts of the building materials industry and construction industry that were some of the first parts of the economy to go into recession.

For a full report on the Green Commission's activities, visit the Hoosier Environmental Council's Central Region site, the Hoosier Environmental Council site, or the City of Indianapolis' Office of Sustainability's site.

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