Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Process Development Engineering Manager - Medical Devices

We are beginning a search for a confidential medical device manufacturer.  

Here are some of the specifics for the position.
1)     1 of three key positions in Operations.  This hire needs to be high potential and be on the bench for possibly succeeding the VP of Ops.
2)     Need to be very professional and have strong communication skills as they will be interacting with Sr Mgmt
3)     Strong ability to influence those who are not direct reports.
4)     They will live with the product from the beginning working in partnership with R&D through obsolescence.
5)     Metrics oriented – strong analysis skills.  Will design goals, measure and then work to improve
6)     Team = 18-19, combo of engineers and techs; need to have strong people mgmt skills
7)     Strong technical skills – esp. product design to ensure credibility with R&D
8)     Very solid business sense to keep multiple perspectives, both short and long term; also able to be strategic and think big picture
9)     Success will be defined by hitting new product development milestones and meeting product performance expectations
10)  Open to any med device company background except Medtronic
Comp $120-130 base, 20% bonus.  Reports in to the VP of Ops

Please contact me if you have questions or need more information:

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