Thursday, August 6, 2009

Interested in a career in banking?

For over ten years, our firm has represented the fastest equity growth bank in Indiana which also ranks in the top ten nationally in that category.  This bank has had double digit growth every year for over ten years.  The bank's employee turnover is very low, well below 5%, including CSRs/Tellers (Yes, all you regional bankers out there.  There is a bank that doesn't turn over nearly 100% of it's CSRs/Tellers every year.)

If you are interested in a long term career in banking, your chances of working your way up, being recognized, and promoted for doing your job, then this bank is far superior to the regional banks like Fifth Third, National City, Chase, and Regions.

Who is this bank?

CSRs at this bank all are eligible for up to 18% bonus based upon the bank's success.  This bonus has paid in double digits every year, for over ten years.

Our firm helps with the recruiting strategy for this bank and works with the senior management team in implementing a talent acquisition strategy focused on corporate recruiting of bankers who understand a high level of customer service.

When I look on Careerbuilder and see ads for Retail Personal Bankers and CSRs at Fifth Third Bank, Personal Bankers at Chase, and Tellers at National City, I wonder if people applying to these large banks, have ever considered The National Bank of Indianapolis?  

If you are considering applying for one of the jobs above but are concerned about the regional banks financial problems, not giving Tellers/CSRs regular 40 hour schedules and pushing sales tactics on Tellers/CSRs, then you shold contact our firm to find out if you fit an open position at The National Bank of Indianapolis.

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