Thursday, August 6, 2009

Talent Strategy: Smaller growth companies in Indiana are hiring

The job boards, newspapers, and general media is clogged with the ads and names of the Fortune 1000 and like sized companies that are all crippled by the current financial crisis.

Here's a secret.

Small, well-capitalized companies that you may never have heard of are gaining marketing share and growing right now as their larger competitors can't continue to service customers.

Most of these companies are too small to have a sophisticated corporate recruiting strategy or a budget for executive recruiting consultants' fees.  But, these are the companies that are hiring right now and have good, long term jobs to offer.

I could tell you about small growth companies in Indiana that are hiring in manufacturing, engineering, service, and nearly every industry.  But, the two examples that I will give are in the industry hit hardest by this financial crisis - a small bank and a small credit union.  

The National Bank of Indianapolis

Financial Center FCU

NBofI continues to expand into markets that the regional banks can no longer serve.  And, many businesses would be surprised to know that Financial Center FCU has one of the fastest growing commercial lending portfolios in the city.  Of course, these institutions have their pick of whom they'd like to give credit to right now.

The small and nimble adapt and survive in this economy.  And, the really smart companies have a talent strategy to retain talent and selectively employ a custom recruiting solution to tap into the passive candidate pool of their competitors.

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