Thursday, August 6, 2009

CSG Ning sites

Here at Career solution we have created several sites for people to get information and share information. We have two sites on for Indiana professionals one is for banking and one for high tech business. 

Banking professionals can post job opportunities, resumes, and job description; while other professionals can look post and see if they want to apply. You can also talk amongst each and share information that is useful to other people.

People that are in manufacturing/medical professions can post seminars, job opportunities with job descriptions to those openings. They can also post schedule to work shops that they are holding. You can also look for people for your start-up company.

In order to use these site you need to sign up and its free to join.

For those who have no professional background we have a site for you to post your resumes. to get useful tips on how to obtain employment. This site is called No Resume Required

Career Solution Group is a custom recruiting agency that is focus on finding the best employees for your company and to help other Hoosier find employment.

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