Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Talent Strategy: Fort Wayne Manufacturer Developing Talent

Recently our firm helped Roehm Marine / Signature Seating hire a new Engineering Manager.  We developed a custom recruiting solution that focused on passive, local candidates for the position which eliminated the risks involved with relocating an executive (and his/her family) to a new location.  In the talent selection phase of our process, Roehm Marine needed a Manager who could develop talent and cross train the Engineering Department.  

Roehm's new Engineering Manager, Mike LaMar, says that being out of the automotive supplier environment is, "nice and has him enjoying what he's doing again."  Prototypes for new product are being finished this week, going to smaller manufactuers building 1,500 products per year versus the traditional 5,000 product manufacturer Roehm has worked with.  So the prospects of growth in the first quarter already have Mike thinking about his talent strategy and how to recruit a Jr Engineer to join the design group.

We discussed that while using an Executive Recruiting Consultant could make filling this entry level position a fairly efficient and easy process that running an ad on might yield a qualified candidate given the current job market.

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