Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indiana Unemployment Rises 0.2% But Still Better Than Neighbors

Indiana unemployment numbers rose last month another two tenths of a percent according to Hoosiers By The Numbers on the Indiana Workforce Development site. As Inside Indiana Business points out, Indiana's unemployment rate is still lower than all our bordering states, led by Michigan at 9.3%. Although Indiana has lost many manufacturing jobs in recent years, our Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Governor have worked hard to attract investment in a variety of industries in order to attract and retain talent and jobs here in Indiana.
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has been reinvented since 2004 to offer many tools online and through its Work One office around the state. Many of these State offered tools and services for job seekers develop and teach skills that corporate recruiting strategies are designed to identify in their talent recruitment processes. The IDWD offers job seekers tremendous value in this regard.  For more information visit No Resume Required.

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