Monday, May 10, 2010

National Market Expansion Recruiting Project - Fortune 1000 Financial Services Company

Career Solutions was retained by the CEO of a $2 billion company over several years in a strategic market expansion project.

For each of over a dozen metropolitan markets in the US, a global management consulting firm conducted a market study to determine if a given city met the corporation's criteria as an expansion market. If the market was approved, Career Solutions took over in phase two of each market to conduct a thorough assessment of talent in the market meeting the client's position profile. Our job was -

In each market, we conducted thorough research of passive and active candidates meeting the position profile. The we interviewed anywhere from 70 to 120 potential candidates per market before focusing on usually six to ten finalists.

We managed the finalist candidate pool for the Market President in each location. Our team took finalist candidates through coordinated detail interviews with either the Executive VP or CEO of the company, coordinated assessments, reference checking, and management of candidates through negotiation to start date.

Following successful placement of a Market President, Career Solutions team then worked with the newly placed Market President to recruit and build out the new team for the market, usually using the new President's input to guide the search in the local market.

In each market we went into, we had no prior knowledge of the market and knew none of the candidates. Through our detailed and thorough process we were successful in helping this CEO establish 16 new markets as the company went through a substantial 10 year growth period.

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