Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CEO / President Executive Search

With most executive search assignments, our firm is working with several key decision makers of a corporate client. Usually, we have at least one Human Resources representative, a function or department hiring manager, and several superiors, peers, or staff level reports who have input into the hiring process.

Working with boards and search committees to fill executive positions adds another dynamic to this decision making process. And, we successfully work with the corporate team, board or search committee, and the finalist candidates to achieve everyone's ultimate objective.

Here is some of our client feedback:

Board Member
You brought us quality candidates; facilitated the interview sessions; did not impose your thoughts on us; respected our time and attention to the subject; were professional in all matters dealing with us in the search process; provided advice when appropriate.

Board Member
Your firm was a very valuable part of the search and selection process. I originally thought our HR staff could do the search without any assistance from outside of the organization. I am satisfied that I was wrong and that we would have erred should we have attempted the search without professional help.

Success with an executive search process requires thorough planning, coordination and communication, and then execution. We start by meeting with the search committee and/or board to discuss the search and develop a process that meets everyone's objectives. If necessary, we will also meet with the senior management team for their input and involvement in the process.

For board member coordination, we can coordinate flexible meeting schedules or teleconference discussions to meet everyone's availability.

Career Solutions uses a multiple source methodology to acquire a comprehensive pool of potential candidates that are passive, active, and internal/referral. Our research objective is to identify the complete universe of potential candidates specific to an assignment. Our staff identifies and tracks potential candidates through the initial technical qualification.

Once we develop an adequate finalist pool, we proceed with more detailed analysis of each candidate. Our finalist selection tools include detailed interview evaluations including direct input from candidates:

Input from certified evaluators of validated psychometric assessments:

And, executive core competency assessment by our consultants, reviewed and validated in conjunction with search committee and board feedback.

And finally, detailed interviews of key references, picked by our search committee and not the candidates, to validate the critical competencies, strengths, weaknesses, and managerial characteristics of each finalist candidate.

Even with all this detailed analysis, sometimes it is still not crystal clear who the front runners are until the entire committee casts their votes ranking each finalist:

While this process may appear time consuming, it far less time consuming than an executive search process that stalls with no clear decision or having to start the process over.

Career Solutions executive search process does provide your search committee or board with comprehensive evaluation to confidently reach a consensus decision for your new CEO or President.

Board Member
Thank you very much for all you have done in getting us this far through the maze which, of course, we all hope will lead to a new and effective CEO. You have done a super job and it is much appreciated. Once again, thank you for the work you did for us and for leading us through the process. If you have need for references in the future, please do not hesitate to call.

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