Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How do you find an executive recruiting firm?

The origin of most of the client companies of Career Solutions Group can be traced a recommendation or a referral, usually from another client company.  When I have thought about how executives in companies engage executive recruiting consultants or select an Indianapolis executive recruiter, it always seems most likely that is a word-of-mouth process, validated by a network of business references.

But, might some companies or executives do some raw research first like Googling to see what firms come up?  They could start by searching for keywords like: 

executive recruiting indianapolis

executive recruitment firm indianapolis

executive search indianapolis

indianapolis recruiting firms

Many of the executives that have hired our firm in the past are late-comers to the technology revolution.  Sure they are smart people and have become IT savvy, but they're not early adapters.  I'm not sure that they think "search the web" before they think "call a friend".  But, that's what we're trying to discover through our blogging service with Compendium Blogware.

When I Google some of these keywords, there are lots of individual recruiter profiles, human resource job postings, a couple competing firms, and here are some interesting things that I found:

Find Executive Search
This site lists Career Solutions Group with about ten other Indianapolis area firms.  But, it "features" a firm in Austin, Texas.  Honestly, I know nothing about this site or who they are.
This site also lists our firm, but again I've never heard of the site.  Apparently, it's some sort of Indianapolis search engine.
This site comes up but you've got to register to see any information.  I'm not going through that and don't think a potential client would either.

Over the next few weeks, we'll continue our search of executive search keywords on the web to try to discover what content our current and prospective clients might search for.

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