Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chief Operations Officer - Indianapolis Headquartered Financial Institution

Job Title: Chief Operations Officer
Reports to: President, CEO
Grade: 17
Positions Supervised: Vice President of Lending, Vice President of Commercial Lending, Vice President of Retail Operations

Classification: Exempt

Position Summary:
The primary purpose of this position is to fulfill our Member’s First Pledge of Valued relationships, Trusted Solutions. One of the primary means to achieve this end is to develop a highly effective team of employees and developing each employee to their highest potential through coaching and leadership. Is responsible for ensuring that outstanding service is delivered to both internal and external customers. A key component of this service to external customers is to ensure each employee identifies customers’ financial needs and suggests appropriate Financial institution solutions.

The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of those strategies that comprise the lending and operational functions of Financial institution. In addition to these strategies the Chief Operations Officer will supervise the assessment of Financial institution’s loan and deposit quality trends and provide appropriate input to the President, CEO and Board of Directors.


· College graduate and/or equivalent work experience.

· Ten years of successful experience in a related job assignment.

· Effective oral and written communication skills.

· Organization and attention to detail.

· Ability to function in a goal oriented atmosphere.

· Strong analytical and organization skills.

· Willingness to work in a team environment to achieve common goals for the department and Financial institution.

· Professional service attitude.

· Professional sales skills.

· Experience in lending and deposit and collection (Commercial, Direct, and Indirect) efforts of the Financial institution.

· Knowledge of State and Federal loan and deposit regulations, as they pertain to Financial institutions.

· Must have working knowledge of or ability to become proficient in the Financial institution’s Data Processing Systems and other applicable software applications.

· Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access).

Duties and Responsibilities:
Develop each employee to their highest potential by identifying their areas for improvement and appropriately coaching, training or correcting the employees’ performance.
Recognize employees who perform at a high level.
Hold employees accountable for their performance, attitude and behavior.
Meet with each employee monthly to review previous month’s performance, set goals for upcoming month’s performance and develop plans to improve employee’s performance.
·Responsible for exceptional member service to every member, every time by ensuring employees deliver consistently high quality service to both internal and external member that is in alignment with our Service Promises.

o I promise to make it easy to do business with us.

o I promise to treat you as an honored guest

o I promise to take ownership of your request

o I promise to respond to your requests in a timely manner.

o I promise to identify your needs and suggest a solution that will improve your financial life.

o I promise to show my appreciation for allowing me to serve you.

· Ensure achievement of sales and service goals as established by the Financial institution.

· Demonstrate enthusiastic support of financial institution mission, core values and long term objectives. Performs job duties within our bylaws, regulations, Board of Directors policies, established internal and external service standards and our work procedures.

· Train and supervise deposit and lending staff. Assign, direct, coordinate and review work performed by staff.

· Oversees the overall organization, direction, control and evaluation of the Lending and Operation functions of the Financial institution.

· Oversees the overall direction, control and evaluation of the Loan Quality Review Analyst.

· Ensures the timely periodic performance and review of direct reports.

· Establish, maintain, and re-evaluate individual and departmental goals.

· Measure and evaluate progress in completing these goals.

· Participate on Board Committees that includes, but not limited to, Lending and Planning Committees.

· Coordinate meeting schedule and agenda with committee chairperson as required.

· Responsible for preparation of committee reports, including the agenda, and all relevant supporting data.

· Attend Board meetings.

· Coordinate preparation of the written reports for the Board meeting.

· Conduct oral presentations at the Board meeting as required.

· Assist CEO, Board, and management in developing strategic plan.

· Participate in Board/Management strategic planning sessions.

· Actively work towards achieving strategic goals.

· Analyzes Financial institution procedures and recommends changes that would result in a more efficient operation.

· Assures protection of the assets of the Financial institution.

· Interacts with Financial institution vendors and business partners.

· Analyze vendor data and service levels for compliance with contractual requirements.

· Negotiate timely, favorable contractual terms with existing and potential vendors.

· Monitor actual and budget expenses to ensure variances are contained within Financial institution tolerance levels.

· All duties must be performed under the Financial institution bylaws, Financial institution policy and appropriate federal and state regulations.

· Adhere to all Financial institution lending and deposit policies and procedures with every member request.

· Become and remain knowledgeable of all Financial institution services and products.

· Become and remain knowledgeable of regional and national lending and deposit environment, to include but not limited to, commercial and consumer (Indirect and Direct).

· Professional and courteous communication with customers.

· Communicate effectively and efficiently with Financial institution employees while being professional and courteous at all times.

· When assigned, employee is to participate and complete applicable Financial institution University classes.

· Develop and analyze month-end reports.

· Assist Financial institution customers in analyzing problems and propose Financial institution solutions.

· Respond promptly to Financial institution customer issues, questions and concerns.

· Make financing proposals, as well as negotiate terms and conditions for loans.

Employee will work under the direct supervision of the President/CEO, who provides specific instruction on the detailed policies and procedures to be followed. The work is routinely reviewed for accuracy timeliness and courtesy.

The work requires physical mobility within the general work environment, continual communication with customers, repetitive tasks and a high level of attention to security. The work is performed in a general office environment. Some travel may be required to the outlying branches.

September 2010

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